About Us

About Us

  • We are former global Chief Executives who have led businesses and been in the roles and situations you and your team face each day
  • Our practical experience differentiates us from other firms and has allowed us to work credibly and effectively with multicultural Senior Leaders and their teams for more than a decade to increase value by meeting challenges such as achieving sustainable growth / increased profitability, global expansion, innovation, business turnaround, culture change, restructuring, portfolio reconfiguration, M&A, IPO, strategic sale, etc.
  • We not only coach and advise executives on their immediate business and leadership challenges, but enhance their ability to lead globally as one team, develop actionable ROI-based strategy and accelerate value creation
  • We have worked with hundreds of senior executives across more than 40 countries, 20 industries and 50 companies

Why DiNicola?

Why DiNicola?

Doesn’t it make sense that the people coaching and advising senior leaders on global business or leadership challenges should have been in similar roles and situations?

Yet, over 90% of these consultants have not had senior level / P&L responsibility. Most come from academia, career consulting, fresh out of business school or are former mid-level managers from non-P&L functions.

If you have made investments in management consultants and executive coaches and not been satisfied with the results, you should ask the questions many Chief Executives are asking today:

  • “How many of the people coaching, advising or consulting with members of the Senior Team or their direct reports have actually been in Senior Operating roles / had P&L responsibility or worked globally?”
  • “How many of the consultants helping with strategic planning, restructuring or business development strategy / M&A integration have actually developed and executed strategy and been held accountable for the results?”
  • “How many of the people that are advisers to the Senior Team have the depth of experience and credibility to integrate leadership, strategic planning and value creation advice in their work with them?”

This is the DiNicola Partners difference... We maximize the return on your management consulting and coaching investment because we have the real world senior leadership experience that over 90% of the others do not.

Our Services

  • We confidentially coach CEO’s, senior team members and their direct reports to increase their business leadership effectiveness, not by changing who they are, but helping them evolve into better versions of themselves by leveraging their strengths, learning new skills and modulating weaknesses.
  • We help Senior Teams develop and quantitatively validate new strategic actions / investments that will significantly increase the trajectory of future business growth vs. the base case projections and present it in a compelling way to stakeholders / investors.
  • We are uniquely qualified with our business development / M&A financial industry experience and investment contacts to help Senior Management Teams with their Value Creation assessments, decisions and execution as part of a strategic planning process or stand-alone targeted action.


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Your Strategic Planning process helped to turn around our performance from near the bottom to the top of our industry.
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What I value most about DiNicola Partners is the very practical and straightforward advice that we did not get when working…
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